FREE SSL Certificates with every hosting package

If you hadn’t yet noticed, as of January 2017, we now include¬†Free SSL certificates with all of our website hosting packages. Not just any SSL certificates either, but fully-fledged Comodo SSL certificates. Comodo is currently the largest Certificate Authority on the planet, issuing more certificates each year than any other provider. Rest assured, their SSL […]

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EV SSL Certificates: The Gold Standard in Online Trust

If you operate an online business, having an SSL certificate installed on¬†your website is no longer a recommendation, but a requirement. In fact, Google is so serious about creating a safer, more secure Internet, that ‘https encryption’ is now considered a ranking signal as part of their search engine algorithm. What this means, is that […]

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Google Adwords Tutorial – Setting Up Your First Campaign

Part 1: What is Google Adwords? Google Adwords Defined When used correctly, a Google Adwords campaign is quite simply one of the most powerful and cost-effective means of advertising, both online and offline. According to Google research, eighty percent of all Internet users access the Google Display Network (or GDN) on a regular basis. The […]

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