Google Chrome is putting an end to HTTP

The latest announcement from Google has massive ramifications for all webmasters not yet running their websites over HTTPS.

Google has announced, that as of 2017, their Chrome browser will begin marking non-HTTPS websites pages as ‘non-secure’ and actively alerting users via warnings when visiting websites that are not HTTPS secured.


As of January, this rule will initially only apply to pages accepting passwords and credit card information, but eventually will apply all website pages, and will include a red triangle indicating broken HTTPS.

Google has already mentioned in the past that websites running over HTTPS will received the added benefit of a boost in their site’s search rankings, but with this latest announcement, they are actively forcing everyone to secure their websites with an SSL certificate, in an effort to create a more secure web.

You simply can’t afford for your website to be left behind.

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Cheers for now!

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