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Geotrust, now owned by Symantec, is one of the world's foremost SSL brands, providing website security products since 2001. Having issued hundreds of thousands of SSL certificates, Geotrust's popularity is largely based on their trusted seal & reliable support. We offer the full range of Geotrust SSL certificates, including RapidSSL, at low prices.

About Our Geotrust Certificates

RapidSSL is Geotrust's entry-level SSL certificate brand, designed for those looking for a value-priced solution, but still includes the high level of data protection that RapidSSL and Geotrust are known for. With RapidSSL, it is fast and easy to secure your web server, as certificates are typically issued within minutes of enrolment. Included for free is RapidSSL's own unique site seal.

For larger e-commerce websites, and for customers without a registered company name or the time to complete and submit paperwork, the QuickSSL Premium is the perfect solution to quickly and effectively secure your server. Unlike organization validated and extended validation certificates, the QuickSSL Premium SSL does not require you to posses a registered company name, yet you still benefit from the many advantages of a medium assurance Geotrust certificate, without the need for a hefty investment. After completing enrolment, your certificate will be delivered to your mailbox, typically within 10 minutes.

For a higher assurance SSL, opt for the True BusinessID range of certificates, including both a multi-domain and wildcard (unlimited subdomains) option. Additional trust is generated by OV certificates as customers can view your registered business name when clicking on your site seal or certificate details. Each OV certificate is validated by Geotrust in accordance with rigorous SSL standards, to ensure the legitimacy of your business.

The True Business ID EV certificate is the only Geotrust certificate to include the prestigious 'green address bar'. Extended Validation (EV) certificates represent the gold standard in SSL as a result of their stringent validation process and unique features.

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