Malware Removal

Protect your website against malware attacks & other threats

Next-level malware removal & detection tool

Comodo cWatch cloud security software identifies and removes malware, as well as other security threats to your website, before they can cause irreparable damage to your website and business reputation.

malware detection

Keep your website protected

Malware can cause irreperable damage to your website, as well as causing Google to flag your website to your prospective customers. cWatch innovative security system protects your website against the most advanced cyber security threats, including scanning and removal of malware, 24x7 threat detection, hacker prevention, as well as improved website speed and uptime. Spend less time worry about your website and more time focusing on your business.

cWatch Web Advantages

Unmatched Security Intelligence

As a worldwide leader in internet security, Comodo is able to leverage 20+ years of experience in providing advanced threat protection systems and security intelligence to keep your website safe and secure.

Fast & Hassle-Free Setup

Instantly add a complete website security stack and a world-class CDN with just a simple CNAME update. Keep track of your website's security with email alerts and an easy-to-use dashboard.

Real Human Security Experts

Actual GIAC certified security analysts become a valuable extension of your team. They watch your website 24/7 and identify any problems or threats and then mitigate or fix as needed.

Affordable & Flexible Plans

Many affordable pricing plans, choose the monthly option with no substantial upfront costs or commitments. Or pay upfront for one, two or three years to save big and lock in the best rate.

Web Hosting FAQs

  • I already have an SSL certificate. Do I still need extra website security?

    Yes! An SSL certificate encrypts data that is being transmitted to and from your website, but does not protect your website against vulnerabilities, including malware and hackers. cWatch is a complete website security solution which provides early detection, immediate remediation and proactive prevention of all known and unknown threats.

  • Will cWatch work with my website?

    cWatch works with any website or CMS platform (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento etc.), regardless of size, purpose or where it's hosted.

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